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Thai Wonton pork without Broth menu


How to cook Thai Wonton pork without Broth recipe.

How to make Thai Wonton pork without Broth menu

For this menu without broth,is the one delicious menu that we would like to recommend you to eat. We recommend trying to eat this dish. Taste the sweetness of the pork and vegetables you have not met with noodles general.

Ingredients of Wonton pork without Broth menu

Preparation of Wonton pork without Broth menu

  1. Spoon the pork into the centre of the wonton sheet, fold the edges and pinch securely.
  2. Repeat the same process until all the wonton sheets and the pork are used up.
  3. Rinse well th Chinese cabbages. Parboil until briefly-cooked, then cut into short lengths.
  4. Heat water to boiling. Parboil the wontons until cooked. Arrange in individual serving bowls.
  5. Put in the Chinese cabbages and red pork.
  6. Add the stir-fried garlics. Scatter with the corianders, spring onions. Add the stir-fried garlics and tossing well, dust with the ground pepper.
  7. Serve with condiments.

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