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Thai Fried rice with prawns and red curry paste


How to cook Fried Rice with shrimp and red curry paste recipe.

Thai fried rice with prawns and red curry paste (Khao-pha-koong-nam-phrik-phao).The menu has a little spicy and very popular menu in Thailand. The ingredient for this menu is not hard to findout and you can be cooked easily. so This menu is one of all Thai fried rice menu which is famous menu.



  1. Shell the prawns. Cut along the backs without cutting throuh,devein. Remove the heads and leaving the tails on.
  2. Place the red curry paste in a frying pan. set the pan over a moderate heat
  3. Add the prawns and stir-frying. Put in the onions and cooked rice, stir-frytogether.
  4. Season to taste with fish sauce, sugar and grond pepper.
  5. Add sweet basil leaves, then toss together. Rmove from the heat.
  6. Scoop to the plates and serve with cucumber

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