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How to cook Fried rice with pork recipe.

how to make fried rice pork menu

Thai Fried rice with pork menu is the one of most popular for kids menu.The menu offered a simple way for everyone. The taste is not spicy and the kids can eat it so this component of the hard cooked eggs, sausage and vegetables with onions,spring onions. Then you just frying for all. In the last steps. Take all in the pans and wrapped with fried egg. so you can findout this menu from small restaurant in Bangkok.



  1. set the wok on the burner heat ,add oil garlic, pork, stir untill it cooked then add the egg and Stir thoroughly.
  2. Put the tomatoes, onion,Stir for a moment.
  3. add the cooked rice and Stir thoroughly.
  4. Season with soy sauce, sugar, stir to combine, add onion stir fry mix well.
  5. plate decorated with cucumber, onion, chili sauce, lemon juice or eat with.

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