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Thai Crispy Egg Noodles with Seafood menu


How to cook Thai Crispy Egg Noodles with Seafood recipe.

How to make Thai Crispy Egg Noodles with Seafood menu

This menu is made with noodles, fried before. Therefore, so the noodles Then topped with another dough with meat, shrimp, fish and squid. The taste of the sweetness of the sauce and seafood sweet. The process is not hard to do Ingredients made easy.

Ingredients of Crispy Egg Noodles with Seafood menu

Preparation of Crispy Egg Noodles with Seafood menu

  1. Heat enough vegetable oil in a frying pan over a low heat until it starts vapourizing. Sparate the egg noodles and deep-fry in the hot oil until crisp-golden. Lift out with a slotted spoon. Drain off oil and set aside.
  2. Shell the prawns, cut along the backs without cuttin through, devein. Remove the heads and leaving the tails intact. Cut the squids into small pieces. Halve the fishballs. Prepare the crab meat.
  3. Rinse well the kales. Peel and cut off the rough kale base, them sauce with hot oil until just-cooked
  4. Pell the garlics and chop finely.
  5. Sitr-fry the garlic in hot oil to golden. Put in the prawns, squids and fishball halves.
  6. Sitr-fry to briefly-cooked. Add the crab meat, stir-fry together until cooked through. Add the stock and fermented soya beans. Season to taste with the sugar and fish sauce.
  7. Heat to boiling. Dissolve the cassava flour in water and then add to the mixture. Gently stir to thicken and to cook through. Remove from the heat.
  8. Arrange the egg noodle on individual serving plates. Put in the kales. Pir over the thickened mixture. Dust with th ground pepper. Serve at once with the fish sauce, chilies in vinegar, sugar and ground dried chilies as condiments.

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