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Spicy Fried Noodle with basil leaf and chicken

(Kuay-Teow-Phad-Khee Mao)

How to cook Spicy Fried Noodle with basil leaf and chicken.

Thai Fried rice menu is easy to eat for anyone. The taste is not spicy and the kids can eat it,in this menu the chinese sausage has some sweet flavour. Fried rice pudding with sweet sausage and egg fried rice as well until it cooked.you can findout to eat by small restaurant in Bangkok.



  1. Remove the hard skin of the kales, rinse well cut slantwise into thin pieces.Halve the cherry tomatoes.
  2. In a mortar, finely pound together the red chillies and garlics.
  3. heat the oil in a frying pan over a low heat until it starts vapourizing. Stir-fry the pounded mixture to golden. Put in the chicken fillet and stir-frying until briefly cooked. Add the kales, cherry tomatoes and rice noodles. Season to taste with the seasoning sauce, fish sauce, sugar oyster sauce and lemon juice, tossing well. Remove from the heat.
  4. Arrange on individual serving plates eat at once.

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