About Thai Food

Thai food meaning & history

Thai food is a unique culture of its own. Popular of people around the world. The art of Thai cooking. It is considered science and artistry is cooking that can maintain the quality of food as much as possible. Art is to provide a harmonious blend of flavors and aromas. There is a great selection of ingredients used in foods that are both delicious. The smell and taste are excellent. Therefore, it is considered that the identity of authentic Thai food. It mixes the taste of the food to be harmonious. Or the different national mellows of each type of food are assembled in the same deck. Including the importance of flavoring each kind of food with various spices to make the food more appetizing. Thai cooking uses short and fast cooking methods. The vegetables and herbs used for cooking remain colorful, crisp, and do not spoil the original taste. Include the important thing is the nutritional value of the food is still intact. The main ingredients of Thai cooking are various herbs and herbs. In addition to helping the food smell differently from other national food. The most important thing is Nutritional value and medicinal properties according to traditional Thai herbs and herbs. This results in the foreigners know the benefits. And talk about Thai food, in addition to the taste. It is also good for the health of consumers as well. One Thai meal consists of a combination of many different types of meals. Curry, curry, fried rice, chili paste, fresh vegetables. And various types of mushrooms The taste of these foods are both hot and mellow mix. For consumers to choose according to their satisfaction.

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